Re: Latest Catches 2


I have heard dozens of different reasons why fish go off the bite, at times they even conflict with each other…. I can not see why a Earth Quake would unsettle fish to any great degree….

Fished one of myf my preferred spots in Cloudy Bay over high tide 12pm-2:40pm, when i got there the sea was a calm with a gentle off shore breeze… Quickly had three rods into the water, two baited with Crabs and one with pilchard. Also had popper Flys above the baited hooks….

Nothing exciting happened, the pilchard caught a steady stream of Cod and Doggies. The popper fly also took a doggy. Two things took bait, one got off during the fight, the other turned into a Cod. First time I had a red cod take a crab bait.

Was a nice warm afternoon to spend on the beach.