Re: Latest Catches 2


This time its not me who has caught.

A couple of Checz i have working for me pruning decided they would like to do some beach fishing while here in NZ. They ask me if i could help them.
So yesterday morning i was off to the red shed with them to assist in buying some gear. They bought a couple of small things but no rod (i advised we go to hunting and fishing) this advise turned out to be wise as they picked up a shimano rod and reel set for $130, a nice looking set too especiallly at that price. Anyway i gave them rough directions of where to go and left them to it.

Anyway i had my doubts about yesterday as there were some strong easterlies and a large swell predicted and i even made them aware of this, but they persevered and went anyway.

So they headed down the coast and managed to find a “salty” location, and with this they spent a couple of hours fishing yesterday afternoon, and managed to prove me wrong (of course :razz: ). They caught a rather large spiny specimen at almost 1 metre long and a good size red cod which they are intent on eating.

Just proves that while we sit at home moaning about cold and winter and rough conditions the fish are still out there willing to take a bait, or maybe it was beginners luck.