Re: Latest Catches 2


Just gotten back from Sevengillz not so secret Shark spot.

I left home a bit later then ideal because my father caught me about to leave and asked if I “wanted” to help sort deer in the yards :roll: . So at 11:35am (job took 35 minutes) I was in the car and got to the spot around 1pm (via KFC and Mobil). The sea around the ure river mouth was choppy but there was no wind further south.

Someone was parked in my normal spot so I went further south and after one wrong turn found the access sevengillz uses. Two rods were eventually casted into the sea, then one bent over a bit then a bit more. What followed was a short fight then I saw a dark shark in the surf, it quickly beached itself and I knew it was a sevengill, but its beaching was short lived and it was away again. After 4-5 minutes I got it out of the surf and removed the hook. I estimated it weighed around 40lb.

A while past then my other rod bent over, this shark gave much more powerful runs. Quite quickly a est 25lb tope was on the beach. That shark was the easiest to release to.

Then a slow period before another rod bent and a 4-5 minute fight resulted in another sevengill shark, this time I guessed around 25lb.

One last fish I decided, then the rod bent over and stayed bent. After what seemed a long time of powerful runs and sore muslces I spotted a sevengill tail in the surf. I eventually landed it after 10minutes total fight and I estimated it to be around 60lb.

I started to pack up and caught a small tope shark on the remaining rod.


4 big sharks, 3 sevengills (whole Pilchard) and 1 tope (Salted bonito), small tope (Garfish).
Moon: declining Banana
Tide: High at 2:45pm
Sea: Calm with small swells (.5m).
Temperature: Air around 25, Sea 13.9
Wind: Calm at beach, Humid weak norwester at home, stronger norwester at ward.