Re: Latest Catches 2


Went to Kaikoura for the Weekend (Sun and mon)

Weather wasnt too bad bit overcast but all good, fished my favourite spot just in front of railway station
On sunday I Caught 8 red cod all pretty decent size and a big conger eel and heaps of dogfish. Mate got a cod and a conger as well

and on mon( yesterday) caught lots of dogfish and got a skate bout 40kg was unreal! bout the same size as that one that lady got on the website, i had never seen one that big but unfortunately as i had it on the slope of the beach just 1m away from me as we were trying to get it up over the edge part it bent my 5/0 hook and got off,tried to grab a picture of it but it ducked beneath the wave before i got a chance :(

but my mate and a few spectators got to see it which was all good :)

So wasnt a bad winter fishing trip
will be headin up again in a few weeks time
even managed to get a few herring off the old wharf in kaikoura
will post some pics up soon