Re: Latest Catches 2


So Summer has ended, and we are truly into winter now.

Here are the fish I caught surfcasting, Starting November 1 and ending may 31.

Summer Surf fish 08/09 season.
(Small fish are excluded)

Red Cod 22
Rigs 16,
Kahawai 14
Sevengill Shark 8
Tope shark 6
Ray 5
Snapper, Trevally and Dogfish 4
Carpet Shark and Skate 2,
Wrasse, Gurnard and baracoutta 1

I spent most of my time targeting Rigs, which explains there second placing over all. They would of gotten first but I caught a dozen or so Red Cod early November giveing them a lead they never gave up. All but a couple of the Kahawai were caught on the west coast on a single trip, several baby ones were also caught but not counted, these figures do not include any I caught on Fly or Spinner.

The Sevengill Shark and Tope Missions were probably my most productive in terms of fish per trip. I only blanked twice (once during a howling NW so I did not fish for long, and once very late in the season) while targeting them.

Snapper fishing was hard and slow…. Spent many nights and only landed 4 of them. The Rays, Trevally and Gurnard made things a bit more entertaining.

Pleased that I managed to keep the number of Dogfish caught low.

Hope everyone else had a successful summer of surfcasting.