Re: Latest Catches 2


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Just gotten back from three days over in Golden Bay, the first night I stayed at a small campground near Pakawau, when I got there the wind was blowing hard onto the beach and Golden Bay was quite rough looking… It was a out going tide in the evening so I tried a little fishing but shortly after dusk I retreated to the relative warmth of my tent.

The wind blew or night, it might have even gotten stronger. The next morning the sea was still rough so I loaded up my rods and drove over to the west coast to nearly calm conditions. West Haven inlet was nearly flat, but I drove further towards the coast. . Very cool country over there. The beaches there are very flat and the tide was low meaning a long walk out to the water edge.. There was little swell.

I eventually decided to make the effort and walked the several hundred meters out to the water edge. There I had to walk another 50m into the sea before casting to get my bait into relatively deep water. The fishing was quite slow but eventually one of the rods showed life and I pulled in a good size KY, over the next few hours my bait rod went crazy with a constant stream of large KY being landed… Many of these fish would have been 3kg+…. The incoming tide made casting more difficult and dangerous because the KY were holding quite a distant from the shore…. When I landed my 10th KY for the day I decided to move to a hole in the beach I saw at low tide and see if I could catch any different species…. Caught nothing at that spot so went back to my camp at Pakawau at 3pm.

Golden bay was still rough so decided to drive back over to westhaven inlet for a evening Snapper fish, I was not very organsied and my chosen spot was probably not the best but I still spend several hours fishing but caught nothing. I got a fright when a owl tried to grab my sinker when I lifted it off the ground to check on my bait.

On Sunday golden bay was calmer but the extremely shallow beaches did not tempt me, I headed over to westhaven inlet (which is less then a 10min drive from my campground) and launched my Kayak. I paddled with the outgoing tide over to the mouth but after a while decided the current was to swift and I did not fancy being carried over the bar…. In the swift current I did get several strikes which were probably big KY or Cotua.

I landed my boat on a small beach while waiting for slack tide, I casted out a couple of rods but only had a carpet shark follow a bait in. On Slack tide I was back fishing the mouth but only caught a good size KY after several hours of fishing. Decided to head back to the car, explored golden bay for a while. Saw a nice hatch on one of the rivers but did not have my fly rod….. Then I headed for home.