Re: Latest Catches 2


I headed down to Cloudy Bay today to test a few Surf Poppers which had just arrived from Australia, they are suppose to be efficient on KY.. High tide was around 3:30pm which suited. On arrival at 2pm I notice the Wairau was in flood sending dirty water from both of its mouth far out to sea. My preferred spot was occupied so I choice a spot I had luck in previously. The flood waters had not made it along the shore, the current was taking it far into cloudy bay.

The steady NW wind had created a chop and turned the sea brown. But there was no swell to speak off. Not really ideal conditions for catching KY.

On the first rod I tied on a paternoster rig and baited it with two Surf Poppers one blue and the other green. The next rod also using a paternoster rig got a red popper at the top and a paddle crab bait on the bottom. My final rod had a basic pully rig and Crab bait.

I was not there long when my northern most rod bent over, I hurried over and pulled in a nice Lemon Shark (took crab). Back out it went, but had to run to my pully rig rod which was now bending over, after a long fight I landed a good size rig foul hooked in the dorsal fin.

The Red Popper Fly got a bit of action next, and a extremely rare specie the Red Cod was landed. A short while later the green popper also caught a Red Cod.

The fishing slowed, and the wind started to weaken. It was probably well past high tide by now. Then another rod bent over and starting screaming line like a Sevengiller was on… After a good length fight a personal best Lemon was on the beach and she was returned to the sea. I guess she was between 10-15kg, maybe 1.5m long.

Towards sunset the wind died away and the sea become calm, and one more small Lemon was landed. I was back in the car and heading home by 5:30pm.

This was one of my best fishing trips ever, easily the best with regards to Lemon Sharks.

In Summary:

5 Lemon Sharks were landed, including a personal best (and one which would be a top 3 fish).
2 Red Cod were landed on the Surf Poppers