Re: Latest Catches 2


Its been a while, but I have gotten back down to Salty…. I fished 200-300m to the South of the pier. I got there around 4pm, and fished until 7pm. The pier itself was quite busy. The Sea was calm but the odd large wave to keep things interesting. High tide was around dark, so was fishing the incoming tide.

The first catch of the afternoon was a red cod :cry: , followed by Mr Lemon :grin: , then Mr Skate :grin: and another Cod, and a few doggies after dark. One of the doggies swallowed the hook so had to keep it, upon gutting I found she was pregnant with 4-5 puppies :cry: …. So going to try and avoid catching them for a few months to give them a chance to give birth.

The Lemon took crab, the others took Kahawai. I fished a whole small silver trout which swallowed a hook the other day and it got smashed by something which tore it to bits.

The people fishing on the Pier, got a pile of Cod and Doggies….

From now on, I plan on getting down there a bit earlier in the afternoon. Maybe 3pm, and would attempt to have no baits (apart from Crabs) in the water after dark. That should reduce the number of Cod and Doggies being caught while still having a chance of getting skates and Kahawai.

edit: I saw what looked like a KY work up in the middle of Marfells while fishing, out of casting range.