Re: Latest Catches 2


Spent the last few days fishin around the beatrix,clova,crail area with a couple of mates.Alot of fish landed on the friday but sadday n sundy were fairly quiet.Definatly a mixed bag and some good fish.The tally was 5 snapper around the 2-4lb mark.Alot of cod,some legal (returned of course) A countless amount of kahawai and some were beaut specimens.Half a dozen monkfish,a nice rig around the 5kg mark,a dirty big conger,4 eagle rays and the biggest couta I have ever seen.
I was hopeful for a kingi encounter but it wasnt to be.I picked the brains of a local old-timer and he reckoned the kingis had been real quiet this season and he reckoned there was a fairly big shark that had been hanging around for quite awhile.Apparently alot of setlines had been destroyed to and a heap of big snapper heads had been hauled up.He had been in the bay his whole life and from what I gathered most of us have no idea just how often a fairly big shark pays a visit to the sounds.
Ive seen a few different sharks around but never encountered 15ft big boy while sitting in a 10ft tinny.Would be a hell of a feeling :shock: