Re: Latest Catches 2


went down to rakaia south side by the huts on saturday got there at 9am started fishing at 9.15 half tide coming in had 2 rods, crab on one ….squid,herring,pipi,prawn on other. the crab got lots of big hits..4 hits and each time i wound it in most of the crab was gone either half or bites out of them..also hooked 3 and had them on for a little while and lost them ….1 caught and landed.. (rig) the day was nice and hot no wind and clear blue sky left at 12.15pm a magic day.. also got some doges on the other rod (6)… so the next day (sunday) me and my mate went back ready to catch some more rig had a few crabs left got there at 8.00am and started fishing straight away, we had 4 rods in the water and bugger me not a single hit on the crabs used cray fish nothing we got about 10 doges on the other bait but no rig.. amazing one day heaps of bites the next day same spot nothing left at 2.30pm will rember saturday for a long time bits about every 20 odd minutes