Re: Latest Catches 2


Went down the coast to scout out a new spot. When I arrived there was a unpleasant wind blowing. First line was in the water around 4pm, had three rods one with mussel, one with KY or Red Cod and the last had paddle crab.

After a while, the rod which was baited with KY bent over and starting releasing line. Typical of a good sized shark. There was heaps of fight in the fish, eventually I caught a glimpse and it was to dark to be a tope, and even a sevengiller. I must be onto a ray I thought. A few more minutes and I got a positive ID of a ray. Was a while before I managed to land it. Not certain on what species it is, could of been skate. Had a large club like tail covered in spikes with a head similar to a eagle ray. Was a good sized fish.

Continued to fish into the night, no further fish. I started fishing two rods with mussels but no sign of Moki. Was back in the car heading home at 9pm.