Re: Latest Catches 2


Does sound like a tarakihi, it must have gotten lost. Last place I would expect to catch one..

Went for a evening fish in the grove arm, Fished from 5pm-9:30pm. Gentle breeze and blue sky. High tide around 9pm.

Fishing was quite slow, first caught a few spottie, then a Trevally just before dusk. A pod of dolphins turned up and a couple did a jump display very close to the wharf. Hooked a Ray, during the fight the dolphins turned up and I suspect they might of scared the ray into shore, so the fight ended quite quickly…. Around dusk caught a couple of small KY.

After dark no worthwhile fish were caught, upon retrial of my last rod I discovered a big garfish / piper was flapping around on the beach beside… I caught it in my hand then released it. Have no idea how it got onto the beach, it might have been lightly hooked and I swang it onto land without realizing, or might it got a fright and simply got grounded… So caught my first Piper :)