Re: Latest Catches 2


Just gotten back from a trip down the sounds :dude:

I arrived at my spot in the Kenepuru around 4:30pm, I was in a aggravated mood because I was stuck behind a slow driver who refused to pull over to allow me past.

A short steep walk is required to reach the beach, but I soon had my first rod in the water. Followed by a second and third…

My Kilwell GGX and Okuma Axeon were baited with pilchard chunks and the Solaris had squid. Then the waiting began… there was enough wind to be chilly at times and it was quite overcast, often looking like it was threating to rain.

The fishing was slow, I caught a couple of large snails and a spottie or two…. As dusk approached the air grew wetter but my morale was boosted when I saw a splash then the tip of my Axeon went crazy for 3 seconds before nothing….

It grew dark and started to rain, I did not have my rain jacket with me…. Then after dark my kilwell GGX bent over and started peeling line, Snapper I thought but the pull was to long, then I realized it was my friend Mr Ray.

A 5 maybe 10 minute tag-o-war started and I slowly gained line, I barely noticed the rain, until I got the Ray in the Shallow. It was much bigger then the previous ones I have caught. I noticed it was foul hooked in the tail and after a few attempts managed to free that hook. But it was still hooked in the mouth, I decided the ray was to heavy and cut my rig in half.

This was shortly followed by a Mullet and nothing else. I stopped fishing around 9pm. High tide was around 8pm.