Re: Latest Catches 2


Whats up!

went fishing friday night(14th) at brighton pier only had 1 crab so was only there for like 20mins lol but i caught a small rig round the kg mark

then went back sat arvo(15th) and stocked up on some herring and crabs for that evening

Went back and fished from 9pm till 2.30am
Got 14! yes 14! rig but none over 2.5kg they where all round the 1kg mark so threw most of them back only took 3 home.
an asian dude lost a sevengill on his huge 15ft rod which was hilliarious to watch him fight that thing through the surf cos if was farily rough and the water was quite low so the waves where breaking out past the pier, but he did end up catching a school shark round the 5kg mark

so wasnt too bad of a night might go back sunday night and give it a go as well which would be tonight cos i only just got home haha