Re: Latest Catches 2


Went down the big shark beach today, but there was a bunch of people with several cars fishing Sevengillers spot.

So drove further south and set up my rods, I arrived around 11:30am and fished until 2am. High tide was around 2am.

There was a few big swells today but little rain, towards the end of my trip the southerly did turn up and bring a little wind and rain.

I fished two rods with two baits, one had red cod, the other had KY. The KY rod was the first to show action, and I eventually landed a sevengillers which was easily released. Returned to my rod stands and pulled in my other rod which was also showing a bit of movement, only a bit of kelp this time.

Threw out my KY bait again and quickly had another sevengiller on. This one took me a good distance down the beach, and upon beaching I discovered it was deeply hooked. After a few attempts I decided I had to make the walk back to my bag to get my hook removing tools…. During this period the shark returned to the sea.

Upon return I re-landed the shark, but then it was quite weak. I could not see the hook so had to use the pliers to remove the bait. My hand was quite a way inside the mouth during that process :shock: , it closed its mouth at one stage giving me 10 or so small cuts , I finally located the hook but the pliers were not really long enough so decided to use the de-hooker which worked well.

By this stage the seven giller was quite weak looking, I contemplated bringing it home but did not have the energy to carry it back to my car. So I wished it the best of luck before returning it to the sea and watching it swim weakly away. I hope it survives because it was bleeding a bit. Normally when a fish bleeds I keep it.

threw the rods back out and caught a good size red cod which I released. I then decided to head for home.

So the big sharks are still about if anyone wants to target them :)