Re: Latest Catches 2


Hi guys, haven’t been in here for a while. just caught up with your posts since december, seems like u had a fairly good summer fishing wise. I spent january up and down the eastcoast of australia, and february in hawaii. brought my two surfcasters, a smaller spinning rod and a 50 lbs big game outfit for the whole trip, but didn’t catch much. was travelling with 8 friends, none of them fishos, which made it difficult to do any serious fishing. mostly ended up drinking and doing other things, even though i planned to do alot of fishing before i left. also i didn’t get to use the big outfit much. i launched a big bait under a balloon on a couple of occasions, but would have been better off paddling the bait out somehow. was planning on doing that with the surfboard,but with all the shark attacks, and me mostly fishing at night, it didn’t seem very wise. caught a nice longtail stingray on fraser island, and had something really big straighten out my hook once, fishing from a random beach some hours north of brisbane somewhere. Caught a small white tip in hawaii, using nemo for livebait under a balloon:) i was so sick of not catching anything or even doing some serious fishing, that i went on a midnight shark hunt with a charter boat. of course, the whale season peaked at the time i was there, with all the whales giving birth and all, providing the local sharks with as much food as they could handle. so there were only two sharks caught, one by an old canadian guy who had a bad shoulder (the captain had to haul his shark in by hand while he was winding in the slack), and the other by a guy who had never fished before:mad:

was thinking of going up north somewhere during the break in april to get some real fishing done. It’s about time i catch a decent fish here in nz. anyone know a good spot for some sharkfishing? i’m talking bronzies or sevengillers or something else thats big. Is april to late or is it still possible to catch something if i go far enough up north? I heard something about Omaha and Pakiri beach in the auckland area? has anyone had any luck with the bigger stuff up there?

tnx for input guys