Re: Latest Catches 2


Fished Salty tonight, got heaps of Crabs. Had a couple of massive catches during dusk.

High tide: 8:45pm
Conditions: Light norwest wind, sea had a small/moderate chop. Water still mainly clear.

Fished from 7-9pm, hooked first lemon shark just after dusk, while checking my crab pot another fish got hooked and bent my ‘weak’ rod stand over again…. Luckily rod was still in place. That fish got off, had another potential fish which put heaps of slack line onto the other rod. On retrieving my last rod I felt a weight which turned out to be a second Lemon.

I really must repair the lights on my rods so I can see if I get any strikes at night.

This would be my last surfcasting report for a while….