Re: Latest Catches 2


Another night, and another trip down the sounds :mrgreen:

Firstly I went to the small wharf, fished there from 6-8pm. Conditions were mainly calm and slightly overcast, high tide was due around 10:35pm so was fishing the incoming tide.

The only excitement occurred when a Stingray got one of my baits, I fought it for a while then notice one of my other rods wwas bending….. The ray went to ground so I took my chance and checked on the other rod…. Whatever was on it got off and I eventually landed a large clump of musseles.

Returned to the Ray, got it moving again only for it to wrap my line around the wharf.

Around 8pm I packed up and moved to the head of the bay to fish the shallows. I doubt the water was any more then a meter deep, probably half that. It started to rain and hail on my arrival. But I persisted and it eventually stopped. Fished for around a hour and the storms clouds were brewing again so packed up…. On checking my last rod I realized it had a fish on. Was a nice modest KY which I released. First time I caught one during the night, maybe had something to do with the full moon.

Would be my last trip to the sounds for a while :(