Re: Latest Catches 2


This thread has been a little slow….

Was blowing a gale at home, so decided to go fishing. Tide looked good for a Snapper tonight, so headed down to the little wharf. Got there around 6pm, quite quickly my first rod bent over and a moderate size Grunta was soon on the beach. It took a Squid bait (3/0 flasher) eventually got more rods into the water.

My first rod bent over again, and this time it was a nice pan sized Snapper. Bit more fishing and the odd spotty being landed. Then another rod bent over and was peeling line, then the already weakened rod stand bent over so the rod was parallel to the sea :shock: … I sprinted and managed to grab the rod before it was pulled from the stand.

The fish was still on, this one was bigger… It had the Snapper headshakes, but lacked the ray speed and line pulling ability. Soon I caught a glimpse, then landed it. A nice 5lb Snapper, it took half a pilchard on a 5/0 hook.

Until around dusk it was relatively calm at the little wharf, but the wind started to get strong, and it was blowing a complete gale by the time I packed the rods away at 9:00 pm.

Heading back down that way tomorrow. Need to make the most of the autumn because there is plenty of time not to go fishing during the winter / Spring :|