Re: Latest Catches 2

Jones Jr.

I caught my big Rig at Amberley beach on a raw bannana prawn from countdown (Thanks Greg!), they are sometimes there in a frozen section wrapped in glad wrap on a meat tray type of setup. Paddle crab works well to and would equally be a good bait, if your too lazy like me you’ll just buy them from the fish section at the supermarket.

One interesting thing I would try for a good sized schoolie is put some dogfish on your hook. I caught a 6kg school shark on a cut bait piece of dogfish around this time last year I think it was at Bayleys, I opened up this school shark and it had small dogfish in it’s gut. I think someone else on here noted that a school shark they caught had small dog fish in it to once. They weren’t touching any other bait we put out there until I tried doggie.