Re: Latest Catches 2


Went along to the birdlings comp…but it was postponed as we know now, the weather turned great and three of us stayed at Bayleys until mid afternoon.
The fishing though was catch a fish every cast…but dogfish, they just leapt upon any fish or squid bait put out there, two at a time was no uncommon, and often you didnt have time to put the rod in the rest.
They didn’t touch cooked prawns…mind you nor did anything esle. Tried Gulp crabs…not touched…oddly mussels were not either…although the bait did dissapear.
In between the doggies we managed a couple of schoolies not bad sizes and a skate. Enjoyed the day though.
Still to catch a rig..those of you who do catch down there…is it crabs you use for bait?