Re: Latest Catches 2


Here is a summary of the number of trips per month I have done, number of fish caught, and number of trips I blanked on.

Fish numbers do not include Red Cod, Dogfish or other baby fish.

Trips 4
Total Fish 0
Blanks 4

Trips 7
Total Fish: 3
Blanks 5

Trips 5
Total Fish 5
Blanks 3

[b:2e5a0lbx]December [/b:2e5a0lbx]
Trips 5
Total Fish 5
Blank 2

Trips: 9
Total Fish: 5
Blank 7

Trips 8
Total Fish: 12
Blank: 1

Trips: 38
Blank: 22
Fish Caught: 30

A few notes
The three fish caught in October were the only good size Kahawai caught.
The first Rig did not turn up until November.
Everywhere is fished well in Febuary.

[b:2e5a0lbx]Why did I stop catching Kahawai around October?[/b:2e5a0lbx]
I changed tackle and technquies, during the winter I often fished during the day, I had 4/0 hooks baited with pilchard and other fish. During the warmer months I only used prawn and crab on the smaller hooks. When I fished during the day I used larger hooks with bigger baits… These factors would have resulted in fewer Kahawai being caught.