Re: Latest Catches 2


To moan the (second to) last night of Summer I decided to fish a new spot near the Saltworks. I arrived at around 7:30pm (and went home at 9:30pm) to a calm sea. The weather was overcast with a gentle breeze from the south. High tide was around 8:30pm

I fished three rods and used a combination of Paddle Crab, Cooked Prawn and Mullet. The Paddle crab had a bit of attention and I finally landed a nice Rig a short while after dark. The prawns were not touched. Just before I caught the rig I landed a single Red Cod, a few other fish had a go at my mullet but they did not become hooked.

So not a bad way to spend the last night of Summer :?

Bring on Autumn fishing 8) :D