Re: Latest Catches 2


Have not been fishing for a while :grin: so decided to take advantage of the evening high tide and calm weather (which was a moderately strong nor-wester :roll: ). Anyway the sea was calm at the grove arm wharf, there was a old guy fishing there who left shortly after I arrive. I fished from 7:30-9:30pm.

The action was hot, my first rod in the water baited with two pilchard chunks got grabbed by a suspected ray which quickly went, the line eventually broke.

Got my second rod into the water, and this one quickly caught a good sized mullet, then two nice trevallys which I kept.

Got my third rod casted out with KY for bait and quickly hooked another ray which took heaps of line but eventually broke off.

The fishing slowed, but hooked a third ray on my second rod. After a short but intense fight I managed to land and released a small ray… Think I might be slightly under gunned to handle the Rays, they certainly put up a much tougher fight then the surf sharks.

edit: There was quite a bit of the glow in the dark stuff in the sea tonight, whenever I ‘moved’ the water it was glowing