Re: Latest Catches 2

Jones Jr.

Hey man

Me and Steve (Shark_Tale) got there about 7.30pm I spose and stayed till about 9pm. The northeasterly was a bit cool and the fishing seemed slow so we left.

We were fishing on the right hand side if you were going to walk towards the end of the pier. Probably about 20m back from the end on the right, sort’ve where there is a bench seat. Where were you?

I’d like to go on this forum trip up to Kaikoura but maybe we could have a small gathering at the Pier one evening and try catch some rig? Or anything else? There is Booger (Danny), PierMaster (name? Sorry, lol), tracknz (sorry can’t remember name :)), Shark_Tale (Steve), me (Aaron), Firy Ginga (Greg), perhaps also Zac and Leigh (vip_yo) and others could come if they want? We could share techniques etc etc, would be fairly easy for most to go to as it’s not like you have to travel out of town. This coming weekend is looking no good weather wise, the 15th and 16th are looking good for an evening tide. Same goes for the 29th and 30th, probably the 29th and 30th would be good to aim for as it gives most time to plan one of those evenings in advance. Besides the Maori fishing calendar says the 29th and 30th are excellent fishing days! LOL.

What do people think?