Re: Latest Catches 2


Seeing that these forums have been dead the last few days I decided to visit seaview and write a catch report.

The Wellington hills were amazingly clear, I could even make out colour and land features. Never seen them so visible before, I was shocked to see a strange island sitting in the middle of Clifford bay….

The sea was calm and there was next to no wind.

Tide was out going and approaching low. I fished from 7-30pm-9-30pm.

Tried prawn, Crab, Pilchard and mullet for bait.

Caught nothing during the hours of day light, Another surfcaster also caught nothing while I was there. That was to change after after dark….

What is red, enjoys pilchards and lives off Seaview?

Answer: Red Cod, and a sickly one at that. It took ages for me to find the right colour code.

There was also a massive flash campavan parked at the bottom of the cliff, wonder if it would get stuck down there…. Could become a local landmark :P