Re: Latest Catches 2


Just got back from the Pier, fished from about 6 – 12 PM. Caught a couple mullet, then got a really good size rig a while after it got dark. Only saw one other rig caught, both were female, around the same size, and had babies in their stomachs. Hooked another two rig pretty much the same size, but lost them. Also hooked a good size schoolie and lost it. Didn’t see much else caught, other than a barracouta caught on crab bait and a couple small schoolies and dogfish.

I think I better go back to normal hooks after loosing heaps of fish on recurve type ones. Also the 5/0 Mustard Kahle hook got bent right out of shape after catching that rig, so I probably wont be using them again if I’m targeting sharks or anything big.