Re: Latest Catches 2


Had an awesome day at Kaikoura yesterday..

Sorry not really surfcasting but…

started with a snorkel by Nins bins..
got 2 crays and a our limit of paua. Also got some Kina for a lady at work..
Seen a few small moki, some butterfish, heaps of bloody wrasse.

Went and got some lunch. Then headed south to the the boat launching site right beside the road tunnels.
Launched the little dinghy and head out a couple of hundred metres off shore.
Got a few little bluecod and a keeper bluecod. And heaps of bloody wrasse (Probably some of the bigger ones I’ve seen)

Got bored of catching wrasse so thought I’d get the speargun out.

The visibility was pretty shit but managed to shoot myself a nice big moki. Seen a whole heap more wrasse a couple of butterfish and another half dozen or so big moki and quite a few little ones. With the water being so dirty I was usually scaring them off before I seen them. Interestingly they were in only 2 to 3 metres of water.

Nearly everytime on our trips to the sounds I’ve noticed a heap of birds working off the coast south of Kaikoura. So we headed out to check them out. Was huge schools of tiny fish, Herrings, and then kahawai and baracoutta working them up. Nearly every cast resulted in a hook up of coutta.
But the best bit was dad hooking a KINGFISH!!! It was a smaller one and unfortunately he lost it as he went to lift it into the dinghy. :cry:
I headed back out trolling but had no luck. So had fun hooking up on coutta instead.

I’ve never heard of people catching kingis in kaikoura before??? Anyone else???