Re: Latest Catches 2


Your general area, but one ‘entrance’ closer to the pier then you I suspect. I basically drove to the beach at the start of the small sand road north.

I have had several big strikes then drops at seaview one day, they occurred mid winter and during the day. I was using fairly large hooks at the time, personally put them down to KY. The ‘Tennyson inlet’ setnet experiment indicated they feed close to shore around the new moon.

June 23 2008

Went down to Seaview today, got there around 10:30am and the sea was calm for the area. The first fish of the day was a small doggie, followed by a weakly fighting KY and then a red cod. Over peak tide I got several powerful strikes but none got hooked.

bait: Pilchard, Bonito, Piper

edit: Also went for a troll in the wairau/opawa yesterday afternnon, water was quite dirty. Caught nothing but found the Sealion body which was in the news. Looked like DOC took the head.