Re: Latest Catches 2


Just gotten back from Clifford Bay. My gamble paid off, there was a gentle offshore breeze* and no chop on the sea. The swell was small. Threw out a few prawn baits and a bonito bait while catching crabs. There was a lot of weed in the water and it often covered the lines making them hard to pull in :(

The fishing was a non-event, I landed two extra tiny Tope and a equally small Rig. The rig took a prawn bait and the Tope took a red flasher rig baited with prawn.

My crab pot got crashed by weed on its first drop, so I was about to give up but all further drops resulted in crabs, mainly small but one big one towards the end. Should now have enough crabs to last me 3-4 rig hunting trips.

The local sea birds have started to roost on the pier, it is now completely covered in bird shit. Should make it pleasant for anyone who fishes from it.

*The gentle offshore breeze blew the sewage like smell of decomposing lake material towards me all night :x