Re: Latest Catches 2


Nice rig..

I went down to the diversion again today, first in the morning at high tide but there was nothing about. Checked out the Bar and the amount of water the tide pushes up the cutting at high tide is impressive.

Went back to the diversion late afternoon, went to the south side via the sand road and notice about five cars parked on my side :twisted: so I went home. I noticed earlier in the day that someone had smashed the entry gate but it was still standing. So they must of decided to finsish the gate off……… I was tempted to go and fix the gate and force all the cars to travel back via the sand road but I was to lazy and probably lacked the tools. Hopefully the council would repair it quickly so I can have my side back.


At home it was blowing a gale. Down at the springlands it was a very light wind, cloudy bay was almost flat. I guess it must have been a true Westerly wind.