Re: Latest Catches 2


Spent a couple of days up the port on a cray mission.Got heaps and some real big boys too.Well 3.5kg is what I would class as big these days and that was the heaviest one.It was an unreal place that was holding them I mean not the sort of place you would even bother looking for crays so I think we hit a sweet spot that no-one else had sniffed out.Got a few paua well over legal size and saw millions of just under legal ones.
Had a fish but didnt find a hell of alot but did have an encounter with a BIG kingi.Just as we were slowing down to idle the big bastard was just gliding behind us like he been cruising the wake.The jigs and mackarel went on quick smart but he didnt show any interest in what we had to offer.He followed a jig in once then just cruised off.
I put the surf rod out about midnight but the high tide had me resticted to the head of the bay but there wasnt shit goin on up there.