Re: Latest Catches 2


Went for a fish this evening, headed down to the bar for a look at the vandalism the council has been doing down there. They have completely blocked the Wairau off from the sea and created a new mouth. There is still alot of flow getting through the stones.

But, all of the mullets, whitebait, and other fish did not know that so there was tens of thousand of them trying to swim upstream but were trapped behind the new Wall. So I spent around three hours throwing flys at them. Hooked around 8 mullet and 4 KY. There was a few big KY which swam around but refused any fly or spinning. I caught one small KY and kept it because it had a infected looking bottom. I later had a closer look and discovered it was trying to poop out a 4/0 or 5/0 fish hook :shock: I removed the hook. The local sea gull also stole my bait KY and a mullet, So only had 4 mullet for bait.

At around 8:40pm decided to head down for a quick surf cast. Fished a spot a few hundred meters down from the old mouth. The water was fairly dirty with a incoming/high tide. Fished two mullet baits and a flasher rig with cooked prawn. The flasher rig caught a nice rig, and one of the mullets had its tail bitten off. Went home after a hour or so of fishing.