Re: Latest Catches 2


Spent most of the evening down the ways.Beaut sea and weather.Not a hell of alot happening bar the red cod giving me arseholes so decided to keep a couple for baits.
Had a load of prawns with me but was waiting till sun down to lob them out.Got the first prawns out and they were quickly set upon by something but I couldnt manage to hook them up.Was using 6/0.I only had a few premade rigs so didnt have anything smaller to try.Anyway this happened a few times and I was spewing I couldnt land one.There would be a few good tugs then some erratic shaking/fighting.This was no red cod and it nothing like the few spikys I got also.
Im inclined to think maybe some small rig or I have no doubts that it may have been Moki,perhaps a passing school milling around.This was well into the dark hours and the reds n spikys had been absent for an hour or two.I wouldnt imagine it being a kahawai in the pitch black so im gonna have to bang some different rigs together and make a few night trips and see if this can be sorted :lol: