Re: Latest Catches 2


Kahawai are both at the mouth and up river a couple hundred meters, fly has been out catching spinners and baits by at least 6:1.
Haven’t used the spinning rod for a while, but have found that you will catch more fish on a 20 gram ticer than the larger sizes most of the time.

Might have a crack off rarangi with the surf gear this afternoon. have seen a couple of nice snaps caught off there this year.

Had a nosey at the Awatere mouth last week on my way back from kaikoura, has anyone fished there? looked OK but was big swell and on-shore wind so didn’t look good for fishing at the time.

I gave up fishing birdlings as never seemed to catch much there, found baileys beach the better option. and even wakanui which would save you a heap in petrol money zac