Re: Latest Catches 2


Went up to Birdlings Flat for the first time today. Fished from about 12.30 PM – 7 PM. Was a really nice day, sea was really calm. It was so calm at one stage that there were hardly any noticeable waves. Water was really clear as well. Thought I’d try for some Yellow Eyed Mullet first, so casted a trace out with small hooks and only ended up catching two tiny dogfish. Apart from another tiny dogfish(under 20 cm) I hooked on a whole mullet on 10/0 hook, I didn’t catch anything at all, not even a bite. Didn’t see anyone else catch anything either. Was going to stay till it started getting dark, but the wind came up quite strong.

For a calm day and perfect conditions I thought I’d at least catch some mullet. Haven’t had a day so crap fishingwise for a while. Maybe it was just to calm?