Re: Latest Catches 2


Just back from the Pier. Fished from about 6.30 till 11.30. Caught the usual herring/kahawai. Quite a big swell and a lot of sea weed around. I wound in my herring trace and put my small rod away, then decided to get it out again after another guy caught a good school shark. Not long after casting it out I saw the rod bent over the rail and line screaming off the reel, I knew it had to be a sevengiller, but with the state of the line on it I knew I wouldn’t land it, I couldn’t stop it and it nearly had me spooled, so I tightened the drag a bit and the line snapped. Bit annoying since my other rod right beside it was just freshly spooled with 35lb line and had a heavy mono/wire trace on it.