Re: Latest Catches 2


Ventured further south down the coast for fishing over this mornings high tide in an area iv never fished before till now.
Sea was flat with bit of on shore slopy swell. Strong norwesters were blowing up the coast but it was still with a little breeze where i was fishing.

The resullt was within an hour i was packing up again as i filled my chilly bin with fish, (i like to only catch enough for the freezer, dont like catching just to release for the sake of it.)

The fish were three good school sharks, 5kg, 8kg and 13kg.

Caught the smaller one quickly then had to wait a while when my second rod went over and had a lot of line taken, started to play it towards the beach when my other rodwent over too and it bent like if never seen it bend before (drag was quite tight). So managed to swiftly get the 8kg fish on the beach, then pulled the other one in, by the time i got to the rod it had taken a heap of line and put on a good scrap taking several burst of line before finally getting closer enough to the beach so i could grab it out of the water this was the 13kg fish in excellent condition.
Both the bigger fish had whole red cod inside them about 20cm long!!!
Also back up by Kekerangu there was a feeding frenzy of sea birds about a mile long bombing the water right on the water edge south of the point so it was pretty active down that way.

So was a great morning fishing for the New year, in tend on going back a few more times to try for these seven gillers that are there too (so ya’s know where i was :wink: )

heres a pic of the bigger of the three