Re: Latest Catches 2


Went out to birdlings flat again last night(15th) and fished from 3-8pm got out there. It was pretty windy so had to cast bout 20m along the beach so that the line would be out in front of my rod stand. :P
2nd cast hooked a well over 8ft+ seven gill shark was bigger than i was!! had it about 4m away from me and that was the closest i got it. Came very close to spooling me, i was down to the last few turns to my reel which is 300m+ out but managed to wrench most of it back in. But after an epic battle of 1 and a half hours! and about 150m away from my mate and other fishing rods it bit me off maybe 30m from shore just behind the breakers, F***! Was pretty screwed after that so i just lay on the beach for a good half hour lol :P but did get to see the shark plenty of times in just behind the breakers and splashing around pretty far out so was all good fun :)
then caught a decent rig abit later on
lots of dogfish tho