Re: Latest Catches 2

Jones Jr.

Good stuff Andrew! Yeah the fishing has been good along the coast this year, and I agree with Danny there seemed to be more red cod about the past winter and of good size. Am happy with my rig! Got quite a fair bit filleted up in the freezer, will keep me going for a bit. One way to cook them if one is too lazy like me at times is I’ll take them to the local fish and chip shop and they’ll cook them for me for a $1. There would be better ways, cool to know you caught it.

I would like to try tuatua but means I have to drive all the way across to Southshore then back to Birdlings, sighh….. The best thing I think one could try is those “live clams” at the super market when you go to buy mussels and stuff they are there to. But haven’t tried them, would save a trip to southshore if they did!