Re: Latest Catches 2

Jones Jr.

To add to Greg’s story.

Caught my first rig today! And pretty happy with it being 7kg. Greg obviously had a good time last weekend getting them at Amberley so I went with him yesterday. The water was a bit rough and had to wait for the tide to come in a bit till our lines were atleast just behind the breakers, Amberley seems to be a little shallower then the likes of birdlings for e.g but is still a shingle beach as most would know.

Took a while but around 3.40pm or there abouts my rod buckled over, came out’ve my rod stand and started getting pulled into the ocean! I really thought I could’ve lost the darn thing but managed to run and grab it out’ve the water. Had a good fight and brought him in, good thing the hook held on as it was bent a fair bit by the time we got it out. You can see in the pics below how ruff it was at the time, also have added my first elephant fish I got 2 and a bit weeks ago.