Re: Latest Catches 2


It was still overcast with a gentle wind blowing down the valley at home, but there was blue sky out towards the sea. Decided at around 4pm to head down to the saltworks for a fish.

When I got there was little chop, with small to moderate size swells breaking. The sea was dirty with the blue water being several km out at Sea. It was obvious that the southerly really roughed things up the day before.

I fished three rods, two using crab for bait and one with prawn. I caught heaps of crabs using my pot. Had a couple of ‘strikes’ on my crab rods but failed to hook up, then at around high-tide the prawn rod bent over and I caught a small rig. That was the end of the action for me, sunset and moon raise failed to produce any more bites so I packed up and went home.

Fishing time: 4pm-10pm
Hige tide: 6:45pm
Sunset: 8:55 pm
Moon: Full
Weather: post southerly
Surfcafe temp: 15.6
Bait: Crab, Raw Prawn (1 rig), Cooked Prawn.

There was a bunch of people fishing bait from the end of the pier, they caught a range of Skates, Small-medium size sharks and other expected fish.