Re: Latest Catches 2


Went for a fish at amberley this morning. wind was cold fromthe ne but the sea was rather calm. was using pillie for bait and had beenthere for about half an hour when my rod seemed to get ratherlarge bites then something hooked. after about 2min i had a nice 4.5kg elephant fish up on the beach beside me. about a hour later i was using prawns for bait and again my rod went and after a slightly longer time i had a nice 3kg rig bside me. the sea had started to get abit of chop on by then .so a hour ish passed and nothing happened when i decided i may head down the beach to chat to another guy fishing. got about 20m away from my rod looked back and got some small bites so thought id walk back then bang my rod fell over and started to head wext so i ran to it managing to grab it i then knew i had something decemnt on (well for amberley) and the other few peeps fishing near by came down too see hat happend hen after a brief fight i had a nice 6kg rig on the beach. which the others around were highly impressed with. so all in all for a 3 hour morning i guess i cant complain