Re: Latest Catches 2


I believe Sevengillz caught them in the Kenepuru once, I never seen them myself.

[b:1dexwlg3]Trip Report[/b:1dexwlg3]

Went down to the Cliffs. (Some bugger has completely ripped up the access road) Got there around 7pm, there was a light offshore wind with a frequent chop but I would not call the sea rough. It was dirty.

Fished three rods, baits were Prawn, Cooked Prawn and Mussel. Caught no fish, had no strikes. Something was stealing the bait (sea lice?, Crabs?). Started to rain around 9:30pm so went home

High tide: 9:15pm
Sea Temp: 15.2
Sunset: 8:43 pm
Moon: New