Re: Latest Catches


Spent yesterday down the Kaikoura wharf.It was a long day and in the end I come away with 2 45cm Blue Moki’s,several different members of the wrasse family and a bastard red cod(not the typical red cod we see)
There was alot of baby Tarakihi being caught all under 10cm.
The wrasse were 2 banded,1 green and a couple of spotties and there were all fairlie big so they went into the bait bin and hopefully will be going into a sharks mouth tomorrow if the weather isnt too bad.
It was quite funny fishing amongst the foreigners because some of the fish caused quite a stir! When the Banded wrasse turned up I was being told they were Moki! A Green Wrasse I pulled up had a couple of people buzzing because they were determined it was a butterfish! In the end I gave up arguing. :grin:
There was a slight sou-east breeze that didnt let up at all and the water was pretty dirty.So hopefully there will be a few more Moki next time.