Re: Latest Catches


The beach looks quite calm in those photos. I’m wondering what its like at the moment, because its come up really windy here, and I was hoping to get out to Dorie this weekend. If your wanting more of those schoolies, give Dorie a go, because on a good day there will be schools of a lot of them around that size. Looks like its meant to be coming up Northwesterly on Sunday, but that might be a bit to late to be calming the sea down much. Should be ok for Monday afternoon though.

[quote:1kkgr8hx]I just found out that the IUCN (worldwide conservation union has listed Tope as “vunerable” globally and “near threatened” in NZ! You wouldnt think so though would ya? with the numbers we catch them in! Anyway just some useless info.

This Probably means we should start releasing any we catch, and instead targetting the fish that are around in bigger numbers. I’ve seen boats at the Timaru wharf come in with big numbers of small/undersize elephant fish and school sharks, so this can’t be doing much good for the population of them.