Re: Latest Catches


I plan to start the sharkin in a couple of weeks.I got a funny feeling things may pick up earlier this year.I know its been pissin down for the last cupla 3 months but we been havin some fairly warm weather and I wouldnt expect there to be many more frosts.The Kahawai cant be far off now that the whitebait are making an appearance and by the sounds of it there is still snapper around.
A mate of mine txt me last night and said he had found a weird as fish washed up down the bar while he was runnin the hounds.I went out and had a look and confirmed it as being a Rabbitfish (ghost shark).It was fairly fresh and couldnt of been dead for more than a few hours.
Not really a big deal but I had never seen one in the flesh and they are quite a deep water species so still interesting.