Re: Latest Catches


The Red Cod have been around in number for quite a while up here, first started to appear a month or two back. When the Red Cod arrive I pretty much pack my surfcasting equipment up and change my tactics, there might still be desirable species around but I can not be bothered releasing 10 cod and doggies for every tope or lemon. The worst thing is the small hooks I use for many species are swallowed by the Cod meaning I have to keep them.

Caught several massive Red Cod a couple of months back from Seaview and Cloudy bay. Suddenly had a urge to head down to the East Coast surf beaches and have a try. But a 1hr+ drive for doggies/cod does not get me excited.

Now that the Trawlers and set netters are going to be forced further out my allow for more interesting species during the winter. Although, I have no historic winter catch records before the ocean rape and plunder occurred.