Re: Latest Catches


I believe opposite the pines was my granddads Snapper spot. He use to catch heaps of them surfcasting on that beach. That was before the trawlers thrashed the area. I also seen a photo of him in a small dinghy off Rarangi with a couple of larger Groper and a massive Snapper.

Fishing that stretch recently I have not caught much, mainly just Red Cod, KY and the odd small shark thrown in. When I am down that way I much prefer to go fly fishing on the south side of the diversion mouth.

Might vist the diversion myself today.

Dunno if I would like to live in Picton or not.

5 minutes from Snapper fishing in the Summer. QC Sounds very close. Baitfishing on doorstep.
5 minutes from boatramp

Short drive to the Keneperu sounds and grove arm, but along the twisting QC drive.

30 minutes further away from the East Coast Surf Beaches.
30 minutes further away from the Trout rivers.
A long drive for New Tackle, the local sport shop is ok in a emergency.

I have not been able to figure out the best place to live in Marlborough.