Re: Latest Catches


Just an idea mate,if youre planning on taking ya surf rod down Diversion ways I reckon you are best to drive to the Wairau bar and then take one of the many tracks that take you to the beach on the nor-western side of the bar.There is 2 or 3 tracks that come off the main road just as you hit the metal road heading to the bar.The 1st track you need a 4wd but the second is ok for a car if you take it easy.They merge and then the track heads west along a fence line and that goes all the way to the diversion.Main track is sweet as for cars.
About halfway along that main track you come to a patch of pines.Its hard to miss because its all marshland out there.
I recommend fishing anywhere opposite those pines.Its nice beach and fairly deep compared to the bar and diversion and is smack bang in the middle of them.
Its the only spot I fish now and I have tried everywhere else.Fished them parts for years.
This time of year you get the typical species,red cod,spikys and small schoolies and usually in good numbers.
Another good reason is because you will most likely have that stretch to yourself and there prob wont be anyone around for miles.
Anyway its just an idea and if you read this let us know how you get on wherever you go. 8)